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(SKU: N1103) Black Glass Pendant Necklace 3 Strand Seed Beads Necklace
(SKU: N1104) Leaf Pendant Necklace White Murano Pendant Seed Beads Necklace
(SKU: N1105) Red Murano Glass Pendant Necklace Seed Beads Necklace Glass Beads
(SKU: N1082) Pink Pearl Cluster Neckace Pink Chunky Pearls Necklace
(SKU: N1081) Mint Green Cluster Necklace Bridesmaid Necklace Chunky Necklace
(SKU: N1080) Hot Pink Cluster Necklace Set Gorgeous Wedding Gift Chunky Cluster
(SKU: N1090) White Pearls Necklace Rhinestones Spacer On Side Bridal Necklace
(SKU: N1089) Bridal Brooch Necklace Ivory Pearls Two Strand Strand Vintage Necklace
(SKU: N1085) Blush Pink Hot Pink Magenta Combo Wedding Prom Graduation Necklace
(SKU: N1086) Custom Bride Bridesmaid Twisted Braided Necklace Lilac Purple Plum Pearls
(SKU: N1096) Flower Girls Two Strand Necklace Ivory Pearl Twisted Necklace
(SKU: N1115) Baby Pink Wedding Necklace Twisted Double Strand Necklace
(SKU: N1113) Old Era Necklace Olive Green Pearls Twisted Double Strand
(SKU: N1116) Holiday Gift Red Jewelry Twisted Red Pearl Double strand Necklace
(SKU: N1121) Vintage Style Turquoise Pearls Twisted Necklace Two Strand Necklace
(SKU: N1112) Yellow Chunky Twisted Necklace Two Strand Twisted Necklace
(SKU: N1114) Wedding Bridal Bridesmaid Gifts Mothers Day Orange Pearl
(SKU: N1120) Custom Twisted Necklace For Bridesmaid Bridal Flower Girl Hot Pink Necklace
(SKU: N1111) Ancient Style Old Era Ivory Wedding Necklace Twisted Double Strand
(SKU: N1118) Natural Turquoise Handmade Necklace Twisted 2 Strand Necklace
(SKU: N1106) Nite Blue Pearls Necklace Wedding Collection Gift Your Bridesmaid
(SKU: N1119) Black Jewelry Black Pearl Necklace Black Twisted Necklace
(SKU: N1040) Crown Queen Cameo Pendant For A Prom
(SKU: N1041) Prom Crown Queen Cameo Pendant Rhodium Plated Chain
(SKU: N1058) Tahitian Pearl With Green Oyster Shell Pearl Lariat Necklace
(SKU: N1056) Lariat Necklace Gift Your Girlfriend Or Wife Gorgeous Necklace
(SKU: N1055) Mauve Pearl Lariat Necklace Oyster Shell Pearl Necklace
(SKU: N1057) Adjustable Lariat Necklace Beautiful Wedding Necklace Bronze And Brown Pearl
(SKU: N1094) Patriotic Day Long Necklace Red White Blue Pearls
(SKU: N1035) Freshwater Pearl Tassel Necklace Bridesmaid Beach Necklace
(SKU: N1065) Medium Gray Peals Handmade Long Necklace Three Stranded Necklace
(SKU: N1004) Handmade Wedding Necklace Black Pearls Double Strand Necklace
(SKU: N1066) Vintage Tripple Strand Necklace In Medium Gray Peals For Mother Gift
(SKU: N1024) Vintage Multicolor Crystals Color Cross Pendant Gift Jewelry
(SKU: N1006) Valentine Mother's Day Gift Black Onyx Bead Handmade Necklace
(SKU: N1005) Artisian Hand Created Necklace With Swarovski Crystals Gift
(SKU: N1020) Wire Wrapped Heart Penant With Topaz Crystals Dangling Crystals Necklace
(SKU: N1017) Wedding Cake Heart Penant Dangling With Swarovski Crystals Necklace
(SKU: N1022) Valentine Cool Gift Handmade Painted Artisian Creation Necklace
(SKU: N1015) Unique Gift Artisian Creation Swarovski Crystals Lampwork Bead
(SKU: N1019) Beautiful Gift Stunning Handmade Bead Dangling Necklace
(SKU: N1016) Looking For Mother's Day Gift Artisan Jewelry Necklace
(SKU: N1018) Lampwork Bead Dangling With swarovski Fuschia crystals Necklace
(SKU: N1021) Girl Friend Gift Stylish Jewelry Amethyst Oval Dangling Necklace
(SKU: N1023) Green Jewelry Nice Silver Plated Desingned Chain Peridot Crystal Necklace
(SKU: N1007) Turquoise Coral Rings Artisian Necklace Would Be Gorgeous Gift
(SKU: N1008) 12mm Tahitian Prarl Necklace With Diamante Butterfly Dangling
(SKU: N1009) Tahitian Wedding Necklace Elegant Sophisticated Swarovski 12mm Tahitian Pearl
(SKU: N1000) Baby Children's Necklace Black Orange Crochet Necklace
(SKU: N1001) Rainbow Crochet Necklace Baby Shower Gift
(SKU: N951) Turquoise Engraved Flower Decorated Coral Stones Dangling Bells Necklace
(SKU: N953) Artistically Designed Necklce With Turquoise Flower Engraved Necklace
(SKU: N950) Wooden Beads Necklace Ethnic Tribal Turquoise Coated Dangling Necklacey
(SKU: N954) Cool Chunky Stylish Coral Wooden Beads Necklace
(SKU: N952) Yellow Stone Pendant Necklace Inexpensive But Stylish Necklace
(SKU: N960) Heart Shaped Gold Pendant With Pearls And Rhinestones Necklace
(SKU: N961) Multicolor Vase Pendant Necklace For School Girls
(SKU: N962) Beautiful Flower Pendant Necklace Prom Jewelry
(SKU: N970) Trendy Stylish Butterfly Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N963) Artistically Painted Fish Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N964) Uniquely Designed Peacock Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N965) Beautiful Design Glittered Duck Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N974) Beautiful Bumblebee Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N967) Cute Twin Cat Pendant Black Necklace
(SKU: N966) Beautifully Painted Flower pendant Necklace
(SKU: N968) Colorful Trendy Purple Flower Pendant Nacklace
(SKU: N969) Inexpensive Fashion Fuschia Flower Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N971) Beautiful But affordable Green Flower Pendant with Crystals
(SKU: N972) Cheap Beautiful Pink flower Pendant With Crystals
(SKU: N973) Attention Grabbing lilac and purple flower pendant
(SKU: N975) Multicolor Flowers Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N930) White Turquoise Necklaces Stylish Stunning Necklace
(SKU: N931) Turquoise Necklaces Gorgeous Turquoise Gift Necklace
(SKU: N932) This Classy Rose Quartz Flower Necklace Has Fine Pink Holiday Gift
(SKU: N934) Coral Jewlery Long Necklace With Coral Flower Tassel New Fashion Era
(SKU: N929) Fashionable Amethyst Necklaces With Flower Tassel Dangling Necklace
(SKU: N935) Multicolor Nugget Fashion Jewelry Flower Tassel Stylish Classy Necklace
(SKU: N936) Blue Lapiz Nugget Femine Necklace New Fashion Style Flower Tassel Necklace
(SKU: N933) Quality Jewelry Guaranteed Low Prices Green Jade Necklace Gift
(SKU: N924) Jingle Bell Pendant Red Green Crystal With Bell Dangling Christmas Jewelry
(SKU: N928) A Gorgeous Dazzling Black Diamond And Jet Cubic Zirconia Christmas Gift
(SKU: N926) Crown Rhinestones Pendant Long Necklace 26 Inches
(SKU: N927) Cubic Zircon Dolphin Pendant Long Necklace Sparkling Gift
(SKU: N921) An Equisite Piece Of Jewelry Bird Brooch Embedded With Emerald Peridot Crystal Valentine Gift
(SKU: N919) Sparkling Gold Bird Brooch Pendant Embedded W/ Tiny Simulated Diamond & Joquil Crystals Bold Shinny
(SKU: N917) Shiny Gold Turtle Pendant Brooch Is A Charming Addition To Any Collection Turtle Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N918) Cute Silver Turtle Pendant Brooch Sparkling Like Real Diamond Gift To Your Love One
(SKU: N920) Turtle Symbol Of Long LIft Gift Cute Small Silver Turtle Pendant Brooch
(SKU: N915) Save Money On All Occassion Gift Murano Glass Pendant Mulitcolor Gorgeous Shiny Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N916) The Finest Murano Glass Pendant Necklace The Most Affordable Jewelry
(SKU: N914) Christmas Gift Birthday Gift Personalized Gift For Her Traditional Murano Glass Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N913) Sophisticated And Elegant Leaf Murano Glass Pendnt With Black White Nuggets Beaded Necklace
(SKU: N925) Green Pistachu Long Necklace 62 Inches
(SKU: N905) Shell Pendant Is Complemented With Elegant Very Ethnic Pendant Necklace Perfect Gift
(SKU: N906) Abalone Pendant In Beige Beaded Necklace Personlized Gifts New Year Party Jewlery
(SKU: N908) Abalone Shiva Eye Teardrop Pendant Necklace Abalone Pendant In Red Beaded Necklace Personlized Gift
(SKU: N903) Ethnic Vintage Shiva Eye Shell Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N901) Shell Necklace Shell Jewelry Beige Beaded Necklace W/ Shell Coral Pendant
(SKU: N332) Shiva Eye Shell Round Pendant Black Multi Stranded Beaded Necklace w/ Abalone Shell Self Embossed
(SKU: N614) Black Beaded Necklace w/ Coral Mother Shell Abalone Pendant All Embedded On Round Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N902) Carved Shell Pendant Necklace Stunning Focal Jewelry
(SKU: N370) Beautiful Necklace Black Beaded Self Designed Shell Pendant Shell Jewelry
(SKU: N907) Abalone Shiva Eye Teardrop Pendant Necklace Abalone Pendant In Black Beaded Necklace Personlized Gi
(SKU: N909) Confetti Oval Shell Pendant With Mother Of Pearl Embedded Focal Pendant Jewelry
(SKU: N631) Turquoise Beaded Multi Strands Necklace w/ Abalone Shell Pendant Cream Color
(SKU: N865) Pendant Gifts For Mom Only On Mother Day Fully Embedded Diamante Letters MOM Affordable Gift
(SKU: N890) Breast Cancer Awareness Pendant Necklace Rose Crystals Pendant
(SKU: N899) Champagne Pearl Gold Pendant Necklace 22k Gold Plated Wedding Bridemaids Gold Necklace
(SKU: N910) Make it A Birthday To Remember Grape Bunch Necklace Brown & Ivory Swarovski Pearls Necklace
(SKU: N866) TriColor Swarovski Bronze Olive & Golden Pearls Grape Bunch Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N867) Exclusive Wedding Low Priced Pearl Pendant Swarovski Ivory & Champagne Grape Bunch Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N868) Swarovski Pearl Bridal Necklace Great prices Olive & Dark Green Pearls Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N869) Gorgeous Crafted with Adorable Swarovski Lite & Dark Gray Pearls Pendant Bridemaids Gift Necklace
(SKU: N873) Finest Pink Pearls Huge Selection of Pink Pearls Highest Quality Lowest Prices Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N872) MultiColored Pearls Pendant Handmade Grape Bunch Pearls Pendant Fancy Gift On Mothers Day Affordable
(SKU: N871) Treat Your Mom To A Fashion Jewelry Beautifuly Gift Pearls Pendant Necklace & Customize Your Color/S
(SKU: N870) Wedding Jewelry Colletion Customize Pearls Necklace Tricolor Pearls Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N874) Purple & Gray Pearls Combo Pendant Necklace Swarovski Pearls Jewelry Gift Beautiful & Inexpensive
(SKU: N875) Copper & Golden Pearl Necklaces For The Best Price Swarovski Pearls Jewelry Affordable Bridemaids Gi
(SKU: N864) Austrian Genuine Crystal Necklace Artistically Handmade Ivory Pearls & Golden Shadow Pendant Necklac
(SKU: N862) Drop Down Pendant Necklace Wedding Gift Swarovski Rosaline Pearls & Rose Crystal
(SKU: N863) Mother Lovely Gift With Genuine Austrian Crystals White Pearls & AB Crystals Handmade Necklace
(SKU: N852) Long Freshwater Pearls Long Necklace 68 Inches Ivory Pink Peach Accented In Silk Silver Thread
(SKU: N851) Bridemaids Long Necklace In White & Grey Freshwater Pearls Wear Double Or Three Strand Necklace
(SKU: N853) Natural Freshwater Interwoven Handmad Silk Thread Pink Grey Pearls Necklace
(SKU: N854) Wedding Necklace In Natural Freshwater Interwoven White Pink Mauve Pearls Handmad Long Necklace
(SKU: N850) Prom Peach Long Necklace Peach Freshwater Pearl Necklace Silk Silver Necklace
(SKU: N855) Freshwater Pearl Long Necklace Purple & Grey Pears Interwoven In Black Silver Silk String
(SKU: N857) Mauve Pink & Grey Freshwater Pearls Long Necklace 68 Inches Lilac Silk String Natural Freshwater Par
(SKU: N856) Peach Grey Natural Freshwater Pearl Long Necklace In Pink Silk String Necklace
(SKU: N447) Freshwater Pearls Long Necklace 68 Inches White & Peach Freshwater Pearls Long Necklace
(SKU: N892) Long Necklace Beads Freshwater Pearls Necklace Gift Necklace 30 Inches Necklace
(SKU: N895) Coral Nuggets Long Necklace With Black Beads 30 Inches Long Necklace
(SKU: N843) Copper Cross Pendant Is Embeded With 14mm Glass Square Bead Beautiful Copper Necklace
(SKU: N565) victorian Cameo Lady Pendant Necklace Sparkling Silver Casting Frame w/ CZ Surrounded Necklace
(SKU: N889) Golden Framed Cameo Pendant Necklace victorian Cameo Lady Pendant
(SKU: N837) Very Sleek & Dainty Cross Pendant in Micron Gold & Embedded With Swiss CZ Cross Pendant
(SKU: N838) Gorgeous Affluent Jewelry Diamond Heart Pendant With Swiss Cubic Zircon Pendant
(SKU: N830) GOld Micron 18K Plated Necklace Sequare Pendant Embeded Swiss Cubic Zircon
(SKU: N835) Diamante Star Christmas Star Pendant Fully Embedded With Swiss Cubic Zircon Pendant In 18k Yellow Go
(SKU: N836) Gold Necklace Christmas Jewelry Star Pendant Fully Embedded Swiss Cubic Zircon In 18k Necklace
(SKU: N842) Sleek & Dainty Heart Pendant In Princess Cut CZ In Heart Shape Micron Gold Necklace
(SKU: N833) Butterfly Pendant Look Like Diamond Butterfly Fully Swiss Cubic Zircon In 18k Yellow Necklace
(SKU: N831) Classic Sparkling Half Moon & 18k Yellow Gold Star Pendant In Micron Gold Necklac
(SKU: N832) Swiss Cubic Zircon Pendant With 18k Yellow Gold Plated Micron Necklace Very Cute Pendant
(SKU: N887) Multicolored Beads Accented In Multi Stranded Silk Thread Exclusively Beautiful & Highest Quality Ne
(SKU: N826) Charming Necklace Multicolored Semi Precious Nuggets & Mop Shell Necklace
(SKU: N827) Jade Jewelry Precious Stone Handmade Necklace Jade Nuggets & Mop Shells In Cord Wax Necklace
(SKU: N828) Semi Precious Handmade Jewelry Made With Coral Nugger & Mop Shell Handmade Necklace
(SKU: N825) Handmade Necklace With Onyx Styones & Mop Shells Accented Cord Wax Necklace
(SKU: N829) Carnelian Semi Precious Handmade Necklace Cord Wax String with Nugger & Mop Shell Necklace
(SKU: N891) Tiger Eye Beads Necklace Three Strand Silk Brown Shell Wedding Necklace
(SKU: N881) Black & White Jewelry White Shells & Black Beads Three Stranded Beautiful Necklac
(SKU: N291) Three Stranded Amethyst Necklace Shell And Fancy Beads Choker Necklace
(SKU: N882) Silk Thread Necklace Three Stranded White Shells & Fancy White Beads Perfect Wedding Gift
(SKU: N800) Carnalian Shell Necklace Three Stranded Beautiful Carnalian Beads Shell Necklace
(SKU: N292) Cool Light Pink Shell Necklace Fancy Pink Beads Necklace
(SKU: N297) Turquoise Shell Fancy Beads Three Stranded Choker Necklace
(SKU: N303) Funky Striking Stunning Necklace Three Stranded Black Shell Black Beads Necklace
(SKU: N308) Beautiful Jade Necklace Green Shell w/ Green Fancy Beads Choker Necklace
(SKU: N311) Colorful Necklace Fancy Multi Beads Multi Shell Summer Necklace Three Stranded Choker Necklace
(SKU: N885) Multistranded Summer Necklace Black Nugget Shell & Beads Necklace Multi String Black Tone Necklace
(SKU: N106) COral & Shell Multistring Necklace Red Beads Coral Shell Necklace
(SKU: N399) Fancy Beads Shell Natural Color Necklace Accented In Silk Sleek chain w/ Multistrands Necklace
(SKU: N081) Beautiful Pink Shell Rose Quartz Nuggets Necklace Multistring Pink Rose quartz w/ shell Necklacen
(SKU: N564) Golden Beads Multi Shell In Multstrings Necklace
(SKU: N425) Amethyst Nugget Purple Shell & Beads Necklace Multi String Amethyst Tone Necklace
(SKU: N810) Round Glass Pendant Self Designed With Tiger Eye Nugget Necklace
(SKU: N812) Green Tiny Beads Necklace & Jade Nugget Holding Glass Heart Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N811) Multicolored Tiny Beads Necklace & Lapsi Nugget Holding Glass Heart Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N813) Tiny Turquoise Glass Bead Necklace With Glass Leaf Pendant & Turquoise Nugget Necklace
(SKU: N814) Nature Jewelry Self Designed Glass Pendant With Amethyst Glass Beads & Nuggets Necklace
(SKU: N815) Fabulous Glass Leaf Pendant Necklace Strung With Tiny Glass Bead Tiger Eye Nuggets Necklace
(SKU: N817) Black Nugget Necklace Holding Beautiful Glass Pendant That Has Flower Painted
(SKU: N818) Turquoise Flower Painted Glass Pendant Delicate Prom Jewelry Turquoise Nugget Necklace
(SKU: N819) Jade Nugget Necklace With Tiny Glass Beads Painted Glass Pendant Delicate Jewelry Necklace
(SKU: N816) Unique Glass Pendant Flower Painted Inside Glass Pendant Brown Necklace
(SKU: N790) Cameo Pendant Necklace Amethyst victorian Cameo Lady Pendant Necklace Surrounded W/ Sparkling Silver
(SKU: N793) Cameo Jewelry New Color Grey Crystal Cameo Pendant Vintage Cameo Pendant Necklace Surrounded W/ Spar
(SKU: N791) Pink Cameo Victorian Pendant Necklace Cameo Pink Lady Pendant Necklace Surrounded W/ Sparkling Silve
(SKU: N778) Yellow Jade Round Pendant Necklace Fabulous Stunning Wooden Beads Long Necklace Yellow Jade Jewelry
(SKU: N780) Wooden Long Necklace Coral Red Beads With coral Red Colour Round Pendant Vintage Necklaces 24 Inches
(SKU: N779) Turquoise Round Pendant Necklace Affordable Gift Jewelry Wooden Beads Turquoise Beads Vintage Smashi
(SKU: N785) Vintage Sequare Pendant Fashionable Green Jade Sequare Pendant Wodden Beads Different Shape & Size B
(SKU: N786) Brown Jasper Jewelry Ventage Sequare Pendant Wooden Beads Long Necklace 22 Inches Jasper Classy Trad
(SKU: N783) Fancy Jade Round Pendant Drop Down Stunning Necklace Stylish Beads Glass Beads Acrylic Beads Under $
(SKU: N782) Fancy Beads Necklace With Drop Down Tassel Stylish Beads Glass Beads Acrylic Beads Fashionable Neckl
(SKU: N784) Jasper Coated Round Pendant With Drop Down Smashing Necklace With Fancy Beads Glass Beads Acrylic Be
(SKU: N789) Megnificient Necklace Accented With Yellow Nugget Chips Glass beads Pearls Fancy Necklace Under $10
(SKU: N796) Olivine Pearls With Olivine Nugget & Olivine Glass Beads Beautiful Necklace Inexpensive Affordable N
(SKU: N797) Grey Jewelry Affordable Necklace Under $10 With Grey Pearl Grey Nugget Chips & Grey Glass Beads stun
(SKU: N799) Black Pearl Black White Nugget Chips Clear Glass Beads Necklace Under $10 Inexpensive Jewelry Under
(SKU: N798) Jasper Nugget Chips Topaz Glass Beads Maroon Pearls Necklace Under $10 Inexpensive Jewelry Under $10
(SKU: N794) White Pearl Necklace With Clear Glass Beads Necklace Fancy Beautiful Necklace Under $10 Neckalce
(SKU: N795) Stylish Trendy Necklace Blue Blue Turquoise Nugget Chips Glass Beads Fancy Necklace Under $10 Neckal
(SKU: N769) Jewelry Gift Muran Glass Necklace Leaf Pendant Black string Hand Painted Pendant White Glass Pendant
(SKU: N787) Rose Quartz Beads With Rose Chinese Crystals Long Necklace 34 Inches Wear Double Strand Long Necklac
(SKU: N770) Striking Red Murano Glass Pendant Necklace Hand Painted Christmas Gift Jewelry Gift
(SKU: N768) Gorgeous Black Glass Pendant Necklace Murano Glass Hand Painted Sleek Jewelry Gift
(SKU: N763) orange Jade Teardrop Pendant Necklace Glass Teardrop Pendant Inexpensive Jewelry Necklace Black Chor
(SKU: N648) Murano Glass Round Hand Painted Pendant Genuine Glass Pendant Painted w/ Black Chord Necklace
(SKU: N642) Fabulous Painted Murano Glass Round Pendant Genuine Glass Pendant Painted w/ Black Chord Necklace
(SKU: N761) Round Stone Pendant Necklace Carnelian Glass Round Pendant Necklace Inexpensive Stone Pendant Jewelr
(SKU: N760) Agate Stone Round Pendant Framed In Rhodium Pendant Affordable Stone Pendant Inexpensive Necklace Je
(SKU: N762) Carnelian Glass Round Pendant Necklace Inexpensive Necklace Gift Double Shaded Round Glass Pendant N
(SKU: N105) Round Glass Pendant Necklace Double Shaded Round Glass Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N104) Gorgeous Green Glass Round Pendant Necklace Black Chord Necklace w/ Glass Pendant
(SKU: N431) Olive Round Shell Pendant Necklace Black Chord Necklace
(SKU: N470) Natural Shell Cream Pendant Laminated Shell Pendant Necklace Black Chord Necklace
(SKU: N767) Glass Cross Pendnat Blue Murano Glass Cross With Multicolor Spread On The Pendant Necklace Black Cho
(SKU: N765) Red Cross Pendnat Murano Glass Cross Pendant Necklace Black Chord Necklace christmas Gift
(SKU: N766) Christmas Gift Golden Cross Pendnat shinning Murano Glass Cross Pendant Necklace Black Chord Necklac
(SKU: N269) Black Cross Pendant Leather Cord Necklace w/ Crstal Cross Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N562) Black Leather Cord Neckalce w/ Pink Crystal Cross Penant
(SKU: N574) Gold Cross Pendant Necklace Leather Cord Shimmering Gold Cross Penant
(SKU: N361) Cross Jewelry Necklace Amethyst Cross Pendant Vintage Pendant
(SKU: N428) Clear Crystal Cross Pendant Necklace Leather Cord Beautiful Cross Penant
(SKU: N290) Sparkling Crystal Cross Pendant Long Black Cross Pendant Necklace Leather Cord Necklace
(SKU: N656) White Cross Pendant w/ Black Leather Cord Necklace Clear Crystal Cross Pendnat
(SKU: N582) Sexy Necklace Fashionable Jewelry w/ Simulated Crystal & Blue Pendant Dangling
(SKU: N715) Fully Embedded Cross Pendant With Cubic Zircon Very Elegant & Classy Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N713) Pink Cross Pendant Fully Embedded With Pink Cubic Zircon Striking Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N714) Flashy Blue Cross Pendant Fully Embedded With BLue Cubic Zircon Striking Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N888) Gold Chained Necklace With Cross Pendant Gift All Season
(SKU: N712) Clear Cross Pendant Fully Embedded With Clear Cubic Zircon Striking Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N764) Painted Necklace Lemon & White Murano Leaf Painted With Hand Black Chord Necklace
(SKU: N653) Beautiful Classy Murano Leaf Glass Pendant Hand Painted Genuine Glass Pendant w/ Chord Necklace
(SKU: N744) Multi Shaped & Sizes Beads Neckalce Purple Pearls Acrylic Beads Interwoven In Beautiful Affordable N
(SKU: N743) Long Necklace Under $10 White Pearls Clear Acrylic Beads Multi Shaped & Sizes Beads 34 Inches Long N
(SKU: N747) Long Necklace Double Stranded Black Multi Shaped Beads Necklace Under $10 Affordable Long Neckalce
(SKU: N750) Brown Long Necklace 34 Inches Double Stranded Neckalce Tiny Glass Beads Pearls Bwon Acrylic Bead
(SKU: N748) Dainty Sleek Sea Green Long Necklace 34 Inches Double Stranded Neckalce Tiny Glass Beads Pearls Acry
(SKU: N749) Ivory Tiny Beads Long Necklace Absolutely Stunning Affordable With Round & Multi Shaped Acrylic Clea
(SKU: N751) Double Stranded Long Necklace Black Tiny Beads Adorable Affordable With Round & Multi Shaped Black A
(SKU: N753) Three Stranded Necklace Stranded Long Necklace Dark Blue Pearls Disco Balls Acrylic Glass Beads Bali
(SKU: N752) Striking Long 3 Stranded Necklace In Beautiful Indigo Color With Disco Balls Acrylic Glass Beads Bal
(SKU: N755) Multi Faceted Beads Long Necklace Can Make 3 Stranded 64 Inches Incredible Price Beautiflu Long Nec
(SKU: N756) Passionate Romantic Jewelry Red Striking Long Neckalce Red Multi Faceted Beads Long Necklace 64 Inch
(SKU: N773) Dainty Delicate Long Necklace With 8mm Multi Faceted Beautiful Yellow Beads Neckalce 64 Inches Amazi
(SKU: N772) Soothign Pure White Beads Long Necklace 64 Inches Inexpensive Bridemaids Necklaces Affordable Price
(SKU: N758) Dark Green Long Necklaces 8mm Multi Faceted Long Necklace Superior Quality Long 64 Inches Necklace
(SKU: N757) Long Necklace Golden Beads Jewelry Multi Faceted Gold Beds Long 64 Inches Necklace Winter Wear Necka
(SKU: N326) White Pearl Multifaceted Bead Long Necklace 64 Inches Long Necklace
(SKU: N333) Long Pearl Necklace Brown Pearl Multifaceted Beads Fancy Beads Long Necklace
(SKU: N328) Fancy Fashionable Beads Long Necklace Black Pearl Multifaceted Bead Long Necklace
(SKU: N334) Classy Beads Long Grey Pearl Necklace Multifaceted Beads Long Necklace
(SKU: N321) Black White Lucite Beads Long Necklace w/ Gold Beads Spacer Long Necklace
(SKU: N306) Traditional Long Necklace Brown White Beads 2 or 3 Stranded necklace w/ Gold Beads Spacer Long Neckl
(SKU: N883) Long White Beads Pearls Multi Sizes Trendy Bead Long Necklace
(SKU: N338) Aquamarine Crystals Pearls Long Necklace 60 Inches Long Blue Necklace
(SKU: N331) Black Pearls Black Diamond Clear Crystals Long Necklace 60 Inches Striking Stunning Long Necklace
(SKU: N298) Multi Rings Black Pearl Choker necklace 18 Inches
(SKU: N289) Natural Color Rings w/ Black Rings & White Pearl Classy Necklace
(SKU: N319) Fancy Summer Necklce Black Pearl Black Pipe Silver Beads Long Necklace 56 Inches Necklace
(SKU: N305) Summer Long Necklace Brown Lavender Pearls w/ Fancy Black Pipe & Silver Beads 56 Inches Necklace
(SKU: N323) Grey Black Pearl Long Summer Necklace Fancy Beads 56 Inches Affordable Long Necklace
(SKU: N335) White Grey Pearl Beautiful Long Summer Necklace Fancy Beads 56 Inches Inexpensive Long Necklace
(SKU: N347) Summer Long Necklace White Beaded w/ Flower Pendant Decorated Rhinestones
(SKU: N376) Golden Elephant Pendant Embedded w/ Cubic Zircon Necklace Gold Necklace
(SKU: N372) Gold Pendant Star Flower Embedded w/ Cubic Zircon & Cz Stud In The Center Necklace
(SKU: N337) Gold SKull Pendant Necklace Pendant Embedded CZ Skull Necklace
(SKU: N374) Butterfly Gold Pendant Fully Embedded w/ Cubic Zircon & CZ Stud Dangling Gold Chain Necklace
(SKU: N341) Kiss Gold Pendant Decorated w/ Cubic Zircon Gold Chain Necklace
(SKU: N336) Sexy Pendant Decorated w/ Cubic Zircon Gold Chain Necklace
(SKU: N705) Pear Pendant Necklace Fully Embedded w/ Cubiz Zirconia Necklace
(SKU: N706) Bling Bling Cubic Zircon Star Pendant Necklace Fully Embedded w/ Cubiz Zirconia Necklace
(SKU: N707) Capsule Shape Pendnat Unique NEW Sparkling FUlly Bling Bling Necklace
(SKU: N709) Heart Pendant Necklace Sparkling Bling Heart Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N710) Heart Shaped Lock w/ Key Pendant Is Sparkling Bling Fully Embedded CZ Necklace
(SKU: N711) Elephant Pendant Necklace Elephant Fully Embedded w/ Cubic Zircon & Black Eye Necklace
(SKU: N508) Cameo Penant Necklace Cameo Glass Pendant w/ Chain Adjustable For The Pendant
(SKU: N086) Smoked Topaz Glass Beads Genuine Glass Beads Necklace 26 Inches w/ Golden Glass Spacer Necklace
(SKU: N295) Beaded Pearls Espresso Pearls Long Necklace 56 Inches Can Wear 2 or 3 Stranded Necklace
(SKU: N516) White Faux Pearl Long Necklace w/ Glass Beads 58 Inches long Necklace
(SKU: N085) Gorgeous Long Black Pearl Necklace 58 Inches Long Necklace
(SKU: N294) Fashion Necklace Redish Brown Style Long Necklace 62 Inches Long Necklace
(SKU: N312) Bridemaides Long Necklace Bronze Brown Necklace 56 Inches Long Necklace
(SKU: N102) Beautiful Red Long Necklace 60 Inches Red 8mm Glass Beads w/ Simulated Green Crystals Long Necklace
(SKU: N247) Long Necklace 60 inches Simulated Glass Beads w/ Tiny Black Beads Spacer Necklace!!
(SKU: N314) 50 Inches Long Necklace Dark Smoked Topaz Simulated Crystals Round Beads Necklaces
(SKU: N248) Bridal Bridemaides Long Necklaces Simulated Crystals Round Beads Somked Topaz Crystals
(SKU: N884) Red Butterfly Necklace w/ Beautiful Tassel Necklace
(SKU: N423) Yellow Leamon Butterfly Necklace w/ Beautiful Tassel Necklace
(SKU: N424) Multistranded Orange Necklace w/ Very Pretty Orange Butterfly Necklace
(SKU: N421) Butterfly Necklace Purple Butterfly w/ Cute Tassel
(SKU: N362) Topaz New Color Butterfly Butterfly Necklace w/ Beautiful Tassel Necklace
(SKU: N577) Shell Heart Pendant w/ Words I Miss You In English & French Mutli Fancy Beaded Necklace
(SKU: N244) Simulated Clear & Ab Crystals Necklace w/ Oval Shell Pendant & Words On Pendant My Love Mon Amour Ne
(SKU: N276) Stylish Classy Black Multistranded Round Pendant Necklace w/ Black Diamond Rhinestones
(SKU: N466) Multistranded Purple Amethyst Necklace w/ Round Pendant
(SKU: N465) Affordable Neckalce Ethnic Cool White Neckalce w/ Round Pendant
(SKU: N417) Handmade Red Bali Silver Beaded Wire Necklace Double Stranded w/ Silver Plated Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N454) Natural Shell Pearl Pendant Double Stranded Wire Necklace w/ Freshwater Pearls & Silver Beads
(SKU: N339) Double stranded Necklace Freshwater Pearl w/ Round Shell Pendant Peach/Pink Necklace
(SKU: N436) Sterling Silver 925 Multi Round Pendant Necklace Red Multifaceted Glass Beads & Silver Bali Beads
(SKU: N451) Cream Shell Pendant Freshwater Pearls w/ Bali Silver Beads Double Stranded Wire Neckalce
(SKU: N455) Silver Oxidized Flower Pendant Necklace w/ Multifaceted Red Glass Beads & Bali Silver Beaded Necklac
(SKU: N634) Fancy Glass Beads Black & White Long Necklace w/ Murano Glass Twisted Leaf 32 Inches Long Necklace
(SKU: N635) Murano Heart Glass Pendant w/ Fancy Glass Beads 30 Inches Long Necklace
(SKU: N426) 3 Stranded Necklae Freshwater Pearls Metallic Brown Cream & Tumarine Green w/ Jade Beads Necklace
(SKU: N448) Semi Precious Stone Beaded Long Necklace 40 Inches Coral Onyx Turquoise & Multi Beads Necklace
(SKU: N605) Long NEcklace Coral Nuggets Onyx Beads & Dyed Mother Shell Rings 58 Inches Long Necklaces
(SKU: N606) Jade Nuggets Onyx Beads & Green Dyed Mother Shell Rings 58 Inches Long Necklaces
(SKU: N467) Long Purple Necklaces 60 Inches Beaded Amethyst Nugget Long Necklace
(SKU: N876) Colbat Shell With blue Pearls 3 Stranded Beautiful Pretty Necklace
(SKU: N116) Three Stranded Necklace Brown Shell w/ Brown Simulated Pearls Chunky Brown Beads Necklace
(SKU: N434) Striking Sexy Red Shell Necklace w/ Red Pearls Three Stranded Silver Plated Necklace
(SKU: N482) Shell & Pearl Long Necklace Leamon Shell and Simulated Yellow Pearl 26 Inches Necklace
(SKU: N481) 3 Strands Shell & Pearl Long Necklace White Shell & Simulated Pearl 26 Inches Necklace
(SKU: N775) Blue Shell Necklace w/ Aquamarine Lite Blue Pearls Gorgeous 3 Stranded Necklace
(SKU: N776) Fabulous Affordable Shell Pearls Necklace Black Shell Black Pearls Smashing 3 Stranded Necklace
(SKU: N616) Multi Shell & Pearls 3 Strands Long Necklace Multi Shell & Simulated Pearl 26 Inches Necklace
(SKU: N560) Peach Shelll & Pearl 3 Stranded Long Necklace Shell w/ Simulated Pearl 26 Inches Necklace
(SKU: N610) Indigo Color Dyed Mother Shell w/ Synthetic Pearl 3 Stranded Long Necklace 28 Inches Long Necklace
(SKU: N893) Black Shell Long Necklace 30 Inches With Black Pearls
(SKU: N581) Fashionable Costume Jewelry Sexy Painted Glass Leaf Pendant Necklace w/ Black Chord Necklace
(SKU: N460) Soothing Jewelry Handcrafted Painted Jewelry Leaf Glass Pendant necklace
(SKU: N084) Soothig Stylish Necklace Rose Pink Nuggets Accented Long Necklace
(SKU: N083) Jade Stone Nugget Long Necklace Stunning Necklace For All Ages
(SKU: N038) Carnelian Stone Nugget Long Necklace 34 Inches Long Nugget Necklace
(SKU: N403) Amethyst Nugget Long Necklace 36 Inches Necklace Jewelry
(SKU: N622) Apple Jade Stone Nugget Millefiorri Mirano Glass Beads Long Necklace Multi Assorted Beads 29 Inches
(SKU: N418) Long Necklace Amethyst Nugget Long Necklace w/ Simulated Amethyst Crystals
(SKU: N039) Beautiful Necklace Sexy Red Heart Embedded In Ethnic Oxidized Metal Multi Stings Necklace
(SKU: N491) Green Multi Stranded Necklace Holding Traditional Heart Pendant w/ Dangling Beads Necklace
(SKU: N607) Acrylic Beaded Necklace w/ Trendy Traditional Heart Pendant Acrylic Beads Tassel Necklace
(SKU: N355) Genuine Amber Beads Jewelry Necklace w/ Bali Silver Spacing Round Beads
(SKU: N356) Natural Amber Beads Jewelry Necklace Silver Bali Spacing Round Beads
(SKU: N406) Multi Strand Cream Beaded Necklace W/ Abalone Teardrop Embedded Coral Stone
(SKU: N405) Multi Strand Black Beaded Necklace With Abalone Teardrop Embedded Coral Stone
(SKU: N591) Red Multi Strand Beaded Necklace w/ Abalone Teardrop Embedded Coral Stone
(SKU: N593) Cream Beaded Necklace Button Clasp w/ Abalone Round Pendant Embedded Coral Stone
(SKU: N594) Black Beaded Necklace Button Clasp w/ Abalone Round Pendant Embedded Coral Stone
(SKU: N472) Shell Pendant Necklace w/ Abalone Oval Pendant Necklace
(SKU: N513) Emerald Crystal Leaf Pendant Fashion Jewelry w/ Simulated Crystal Pendant and Pearls
(SKU: N237) White Freshwater Pearl Necklaces 16 inches Choker
(SKU: N568) Three Stranded Beaded Necklace Simulated Purple Pearl Millefiori Painted Beads 20 Inches Long Neckla
(SKU: N636) Light Green Multi Beaded 3 Strands Necklace pink Pearl Millefiori Painted Beads 20 Inches Long Neckl
(SKU: N569) 3 Stranded Golden Beads Necklace Simulated Brown Pearl Millefiori Painted Beads 20 Inches Long Neckl
(SKU: N570) White Beaded 3 Stranded Necklace Simulated White Pearl Millefiori Painted Beads 20 Inches Long Neckl
(SKU: N571) Black Pearl Three Stranded Beaded Necklace Simulated Pearl Millefiori Painted Beads 20 Inches Long N
(SKU: N643) Multi Pink Beaded 3 Strands Necklace pink Pearl Millefiori Painted Beads 20 Inches Long Necklace
(SKU: N410) Genuine Turquoise Red Coral Ring Bead Necklace Handmade Custom Jewelry
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