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Under $15 Necklaces - Traditional Long Necklace Brown White Beads 2 or 3 Stranded Necklace w/ Gold Beads Spacer Long Necklace

SKU: N306
Jewelry Type: Necklace
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Price : $7.49
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This magnificent Necklace features fancy classy Brown oval beads with tiny brown white beads and gold spacer accented in long 62 inches Necklace can wear 2 or 3 stranded long Necklace. A cluster of iridescent multifaceted glass beads Long Necklace, dresses and would look pretty with many of dresses. Celebrate your individuality. Variations in the color and pattern of each beads add the beauty to the Necklace

Material Used : Multi Fancy Brown and white lucite beads with gold spacer Necklace
Necklace Length: LOng 62 inches
Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction for Material & Workmanship used in making this Jewelry

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